At her atelier lab in Rome, Diana experiments with fabric and material, fusing Made in Italy heritage with exotic touches and little surprises that distinguish her fully handmade collections from mass manufactured, off the rack productions.

With twenty+ years in fashion media, including television host at Adnkronios and RAI Italia, Diana embraces all communication channels. Each medium serves as an extension of elan vitale culture @dieppacouture.

During her time on tv, she produced a bevy of hits, including swimwear line Spiaggia, the famous La BagRoma (worn by Carolina di Monaco), and Love Polo Clothing, a sport glam clothing line inspired by and sold in the most exclusive polo clubs worldwide.

In 2019, Diana crafted a new collection - Modern Geisha - and many women have fallen in love at first sight. 

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Live streaming fashion shows, international showrooms, accessory lines and much more are coming soon.

Exciting times beckon...

Stay tuned!