Press Diana Dieppa

With 20+ years in television, including host for broadcast shows on Adnkronos and RAI Italia, Diana now leverages the camera and modern communication channels to express her stye, spirit and the elan vital culture @dianadieppacouture

Even during her network days, Diana managed to release several successful lines, including swimwear Spiaggia, the famous La BagRoma (worn by Carolina di Monaco), and Love Polo Clothing, a sport glam collection inspired by - and sold in - the most exclusive polo clubs worldwide. 

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A poet once wrote a thousand roads lead to Rome.

A famous elder told us home is where the heart is. 

Guided by historic veritas, who is back in the piazza,
concocting elegant couture for the divine feminine?

By day, in her atelier, dd experiments with innovative fabric and material combinations, fusing classic made in italy heritage with exotic touches that make her style so distinctive.

By night, find her sauntering down a runway finale or letting go on a dance floor. 

Between these ends, you can book dressing appointments here

There will soon be live events, a virtual showroom, seductive shoes, irresistible accessories, and much much more.

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Exciting times beckon...stay tuned!